Good Morning, I Love You

Morning Dad,

Hope you’re doing well. I finally managed to get to sleep around 3 or 4 last night, after a certain point I just kept my eyes shut and actually tried counting sheep. I don’t know if it worked, but I slept until 11 and I don’t feel completely terrible, so that’s a plus.

I had the weirdest dream, I don’t even know if it was actually me who was in it, but I didn’t recognize anyone else. I know I was at Mom’s house, and there was some kid with a knife that I put in a sleeper hold because he tried to knife me. Then there was this dad and his two kids.

I think the dad was a vet or something, but he apparently had a superpower where his body would react to stimuli automatically, like if someone threw a punch he’d automatically dodge and counter. It was weird, he was teaching his kids how to do it. At the end, I was at Mamaw’s house, trying to write a check for a class or something like that. The family showed up and apparently the superpower works in baseball, too. Go figure, huh?

That was really mostly it. I think there was a part where I was scrounging around for food. I have this weird habit where I’ll randomly go look in the fridge, even if I’m not hungry. That came up so maybe I was trying to tell myself something.

Anyway, I hope your night went better than mine. I’ll write you again later today.



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