Leticia: Memory of My Brother

First of all, I am not much of a writer. Writing has always been my brothers talent. Mark is my big brother.

Although there were 20 years between us, we grew up together.
Mark lived with us often on through my entire childhood. I did the job of the little sister and annoyed him on more than one occasion. I never felt as if there were 20 years between us because he would pick on me, just the same. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times Mark tattled on me for touching him we’re looking at him or getting in his personal space LOL
When I was a teenager Mark made “application to date my little sister”  applications. lol
Mark was a huge support to my mom and I when my dad was sick and when my dad was dying. Mark would read scripture to my dad as my dad was convulsing. I remember my dad telling Mark “you have always been a good and loyal son “
I remember when Cathy was pregnant with Kevin. Mark got all the cravings and gained the weight. Watching Mark with Kevin was remarkable. I’ve never seen such love and patience. Kevin was and has always been Marks pride and joy.
Mark was there when my son, Chance was born. He also gave me my first motherly scare, by dropping my son. No worries, he caught him 6 inches from hitting the floor
Mark was always giving. Every Christmas, he made sure he had a gift for everyone (especially my kids) and it was devastating to him when he could no longer do that.
Mark was always there for me – when no one was or could be.
He’s driven to North Carolina to pick up me and 2 stranded kids and again to Kentucky when my truck broke down. He helped me move multiple times.
Anyone who knew Mark, knows he always wore his seatbelt and drove the speed limit. One time during a move, I was unloading the uhaul and a bedrail fell and stabbed me in the throat. Marks car was the only one that wasn’t full. We rush to the car as I am applying pressure to my gashed throat. Mark wouldn’t put the car into drive until my seatbelt was securely locked. Oh I was so aggravated lol but Mark got me to the ER and got me all stitched up.
In other words, I knew Mark for 42 years. I don’t have just 1 story. I have many fond memories. I am very appreciative of the devotion and loyalty he showed all of his family.
Mark and I were close, but it wasn’t until the end that realized just how close our bond was.
He was always there for me and i was happy to return the favor and be there for him.
We texted every day and not just good morning. He would talk to me about his life and feelings and symptoms.
Wednesday I sent him a song
The Father has a plan. Though it’s hard to see it now
You f eel you’re walking all alone. But He is there no doubt
When the storm around you rages, And you’re tossed to and fro
When you’re f aced with life’s decisions, Not sure which way to goStand still and let God move
Standing still is hard to do
When you f eel you have reached the end
He’ll make a way for you
Stand still and let God move

When the enemy surrounds you, And the walls are closing in
When the tide is swiftly rising, And you wonder where He’s been
Friend, there never was a moment, That His arms weren’t reaching out
You can rest assured and be secure, God is moving right now

When you feel you have reached the end, He’ll make a way for you
Stand still and let God move
The answer will come, But only in His time

Stand still and let God move, Stand still and let God move

 I was told that the last thing Mark did independently, was play that song, a second time.
When I arrived he was non-responsive. I kissed his forehead and told him I loved him.
I then played that song, on my phone and then played Peace in the Valley, which we all sang along to him.
I went over to my big brother and kissed him again. I told him “I know you are scared, but you have nothing to fear. Your heart is good and your soul is good. I love you”  With those words and a final kiss, my big brother closed his eyes and left this Earth.
I am so very heartbroken, but it was a bittersweet moment.  Me, the baby sister was able to give my dying brother peace and comfort.
Mark is missed and his life will never be forgotten.
I love you, Mark and I thank you for being an awesome big brother to me and an amazing uncle to my kids.
Rest In Peace

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