Getting Upset at Video Games

Hey Dad,

Today was a bit of a long day, but, I think it went pretty well. Hailey and I played a lot of League of Legends today. I don’t know if I ever told you about that game. It’s fun, but it can be really frustrating since it’s a competitive game, so instead of just trying to outsmart a computer, you’re playing against real people, with real creativity.

Playing League can be frustrating, like a lot of video games are. I never really grew out of getting angry when I lose. I think you remember that pretty well. At home I could yell and throw things in my room, but when I was visiting you, if I got too angry, you’d make me stop and take a break.

It’s a little thing, but I think it really helped me slowly get better at accepting defeat. You never got mad at me, just wanted me to settle down, reassess why I was losing, and try again.

And, well, it usually works. So, thank you, it’s still something I think about every time I get upset. I can almost hear your voice in my head saying “Well, maybe you should take a break.” Sometimes I listen, sometimes I’m stubborn and keep going. But, either way, I always find a way to get better and eventually beat what was holding me back, just like you always said I would.

So, thank you for that.


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