Phil Sr: Memory of My Brother



       As you well know your Dad and I were very different and we did not always agree. However, we  did have some very common interests. That would be our love for our family and music. Your Dad and I sang in churches and events all over the country and people would request over and over again for he and I to sing “I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now.” Your Grandpa Ivy and I still sing it and I always think of your Dad when we do. Even though I am in a band and play music all the time I know that I am not half the musician that your Dad was. I don’t know if ever really knew how envious I was of his natural talent and abilities. I love to sing and usually I love it whole lot more than anyone else is that is listening. But your Dad on the other hand had this dynamic beautiful pitch perfect voice that I can only dream about. He truly had a God given gift!

Then there is his love for family. There were times that seemed chaotic and crazy and words were not good or even spoken. But through it all I knew how he really felt and I knew the love he had in his heart. Life is hard and even harder to understand but love always triumphs and love is always strong. Love never wavers and love never fails. Love is always with us and love will carry us through.


Love you,
Uncle Phil

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