Hump Day Thoughts

Hey Dad,

Today was a weird day. We were, thankfully, really slow all day at work, but it still felt like the day just dragged on. I made it, though. Only one more day before we fly out for Indy to go to your memorial.

We’re going to see Black Panther tomorrow. You always liked superhero movies and shows and stuff, and even up to the end I remember you asking us about movies like Justice League or Wonder Woman. This one is supposed to be good, so, hopefully, wherever you are, you get a chance to see it too. I’ll let you know what I think after.

I feel restless lately, but, at the same time, I just feel like I have no motivation to do anything. Part of me wants to do everything, but another part of me just wants to exist and get by. I’m sure that’ll pass eventually, but…that’s just how things are right now.

Maybe when Hailey and I actually sit down and start working on the game we wanted to make this year, I’ll have more exciting things to talk about. Until then, I’ll talk to you a little bit later.




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