Sharon: Being Mark’s Mother

Being Mark’s Mother, the list is endless. I already, at his request sent him a page of memories which are in his “Inside My Mind” folder. One thing about Mark was he was loveable, thoughtful and kind. The day he born I was taken to hospital by my parents. His Dad, Lynn, was at work was notified. I was in labor about to bring my firstborn into the world, but his Dad had not shown up and we were wondering why!! Oh yes, he got there, but had gone to another hospital entered the waiting room wondering where my mother was. He finally asked a nurse. Sorry, wrong hospital and wrong woman in labor.. lol This was the beginning of so many wonderful memories of Mark . He always put others before him like at family dinners he would not fix his plate till “mom” I did. He and I had a good, loving relationship even if we didn’t always agree on things. Always ready and willing to do for others. When Jack, his stepdad was ill he was there in so many ways taking care of his little sister making sure she was at hospital while I followed the ambulance etc.. Yes, list is endless.


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