Hey Dad,

So, Hailey and I play a game called Diablo 3, and every 3 months or so they do a thing called “Seasons.” Basically you start back from 0 and try to get as far as you can in a short amount of time. It’s fun even if we don’t get very far before getting burnt out.

Thinking about that reminds me of the first time I got into Diablo. Your boyfriend at the time had a laptop and played Diablo on it and I remember I used to love watching it. The gothic artistry and the focus on angels and demons was fascinating. I loved looking at the pictures and reading the lore.

Eventually, I got Diablo 2, and, if you’ll remember, Dave and I used to play it all the time. So much that Hailey would get mad at me for staying up too late, lol.

It’s weird, little things like that and how they affect you forever. I have a lot of “first time” memories with you, maybe we can go into a few more later?

I’m off to bed. Had a friend come back to town and I’m a little bit drunk.



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